Aircub Fresh

Designed for indoor air scenting


AirCub Fresh is designed for air scenting inside enclosed spaces (such as cabinets, shoe racks, trash cans) or in small rooms. Thanks to the special ceramic filter, soaked in natural-based essences, it diffuses a delicate fragrance inside the compartments in which it is installed.

How does it work

AirCub Fresh perfumes the air through a fan. Once the perfumed capsule is inserted into the special compartment, AirCub Fresh starts automatically. The fragrance lasts 1 month, at the end of which period you can refill the capsule by pouring 2 ml of fragrance. Buy the scented refills for your AirCub Fresh online

AirCub fragrances

We have created 6 scented essences in collaboration with the master perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro, to amplify the perception of cleanliness in the air and create an even more comfortable environment.

All-natural based, these essences have been designed to accommodate the needs of different environments, working or domestic.

For the kitchen, we created Lemonbalm (with notes of lemon, lemon balm, verbena, and Luisa herb) and Cream (with notes of vanilla, cream, butter, and glaze). There are two notes designed to create an evocative environment in the bedroom: Linen (cotton, Marseille soap, laundry) and Babypowder (talc, powdered rose). Finally, two thematic essences made for the living room and the office: Softwood (with notes of sandalwood, rosewood, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves) and Greenberry (with notes of berries, blueberry, fern, undergrowth).

On request, it is possible to customize the perfumes.