Plants are the great purifiers of the world. So why not find a way to take advantage of it in everyday life?

Itair is an integrated air purifier that allows you to regenerate air quality without opening windows and hence introducing external pollutants into the environment. We constantly monitor volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in addition to the environmental temperature and humidity, thus guaranteeing efficacy. ITAir is an IoT (Internet of Things) system that can be connected to the domestic WiFi network. An IOS or Android application monitors air quality and can set the parameters of several devices in the various domestic environments and schedule when they are to be turned on and off.

One smart vase!

ITAir is based on phytoremediation, a “green” technology that uses plants for the mitigation of pollutants in soil, water, and air. The plant in the ItAir system becomes a real filter: thanks to the presence of microorganisms in the root system it can metabolize harmful agents in the air, such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Through forced mechanical ventilation, the system increases the airflow inside the plant and amplifies its effectiveness exponentially.

Why use ItAir?

The modern lifestyle forces people to spend about 90% of their time in confined spaces. Studies show that the concentration of harmful pollutants in indoor air is five times higher than that found in outdoor environments. Air pollution is not visible, but most of the building materials, finishes of our furniture, and office objects are active sources of propagation of numerous harmful agents, with a direct consequence on health (asthma, allergies, respiratory diseases, SBS). OCSE stated that healthy indoor air is a fundamental human right. Other studies show how these problems find a simple and sustainable solution thanks to the use of common houseplants: surrounding yourself with “greens” in everyday, domestic, work, or leisure spaces, in addition to acting on air quality, makes people much more creative and productive, acting on their psychophysical balance.

List of recommended plants for Itair

Below is a list of twenty-one plants that we recommend for Itair, the natural air purifier. The selection comes from a study carried out by NASA, in the search for the use of plants for the elimination of air pollution.

Scientific studies about ItAir

The technology of the ItAir system is licensed by the Manufacturing Laboratories, which has subjected it to specific tests that have proven its effectiveness. The scientific validation was conducted by LINV, International Laboratory for Plant Neurobiology (, and PNAT, a spin-off of the University of Florence (, two centers of world excellence in the study of natural systems and plants, which boast collaborations with the ESA (European Space Agency).