Comfort in the bathroom Check Up solutions

Even the bathroom is a room that can be improved by technology and integrated electronics. Initially one of the “service” rooms of houses, hotels and offices, it became increasingly important to become one of the rooms in which even technology began to enter, to improve the user experience in this case as well the well-being of people using this environment.

We at Check Up have developed technologies and solutions suitable for use in bathrooms: even, in this case, electronics can help daily actions or make a chillout moment even more relaxing. Immersed in a pool of hot water we can control and set up music or light with gesture recognition or voice control. Electronics and technology are completely integrated into the furnishings, so they aren’t visible or impacting. Check Up has studied solutions and components also for this environment, starting from the vocal and gestural control: each command can be managed by the new control boards that react to voice commands and different types of gestures, such as approach, touch or “Swipe” horizontally or vertically. This new technology allows you to design new features and new services for domestic environments such as kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms, business rooms such as offices, suites, and hotel rooms. Both gesture recognition and voice control allow you to control devices or objects when they are not reachable, without touching them (maybe when you have dirty or busy hands) and make their design more minimal.

To make staying in the bathrooms even more comfortable, it is also possible to integrate music and sounds through ItAudio, the solution that transforms furniture and furnishing accessories like mirrors into sound diffusion systems. Fully integrated into the design and managed via a dedicated app for IOS and Android smartphones and tablets, ItAudio Wired is available in different sizes and powers: from invisible 10-watt solutions to more complex 160w systems to which you can also connect audiovisual equipment. ItAudio makes it possible to make furniture, upholstery, mirrors, walls, door panels or outdoor structures of real audio systems with which to spread music, thanks to contact and membrane technology, without modifying the design

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