ItAir purifies the air in the Hadid Tower in Milan City Life

Itair, the innovative air purification system was integrated into the furniture of ​​the Hadid Tower restaurant area. The tower is the headquarters of Generali and is located within the Citylife district in Milan. The ItAccess charging station providing connection to mobile devices is also integrated into the system.

The stylistic code followed for the design of the Cafeteria’s furniture, which occupies an entire level of the Tower, is in perfect harmony with the unmistakable architecture that characterizes the skyline of Cityline with its unique silhouette, designed by the Zaha Hadid Architects studio.

ItAir is an air purifier and sanitizer based on the natural filtering action of the plant’s root system to break down VOCs, the volatile organic compounds harmful to human health.

Unlike traditional purifiers, ItAir uses plants to remove pollutants from indoor areas, where according to the latest data, pollution is often 5 times greater than that of open spaces.

The purifier has two separate parts: the vessel with the plant and a container with all the technological artifacts, such as the sensors and the fan that manages the ventilation through the root system of the plants. This innovative system increases exponentially the microfiltration capacity of naturally present microorganisms that metabolize pollutants (Fitorimedio).

ItAir is an IOT (internet of things) solution and is managed by an app from which it is possible to check the air quality in real time and program its operation.

We are proud to have brought our technological know-how to this project led by Arch. Franco Driusso / Driusso Associati Architects! Franco Driusso / Driusso Associati Architects!

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