Itaudio Contract

Audio wireless professional

ItAudio Contract is a wireless audio system developed for all professional applications, such as shops, bars, restaurants, spas, or small conference rooms where wiring audio is either invasive from an aesthetic point of view, too expensive, or even impossible.

UP TO 3500 SQM  ItAudio Contract allows you to add an audio broadcasting system in environments up to 3500 sqm, in a non-invasive and invisible way.  ItAudio is a wireless system that can be installed anywhere.

RETROFIT ItAudio can be installed at a later moment, even in those places where it is not possible to wire the spaces.

BUSINESS SPACES ItAudio is perfect for “Contract” and work environments such as conference rooms, offices, the sector, and wellness centers.

WIRELESS AUDIO AND MUSICItaudio contract has a wireless “star” architecture with a master (first audio speaker with wired and wireless inputs) and four slave speakers with a range of 20 meters from the main source. Itaudio Contract works with a proprietary app that can be downloaded for free. You can select the audio source from a high-definition Bluetooth™ audio input, an analog input (3.5mm jack) on which to connect the receiver of a UHF microphone (*), a digital or fiber optic coaxial signal. ItAudio Contract is easily integrated with existing systems or OEM solutions to minimize the aesthetic impact of the speakers. Each device has a power of 60 watts RMS, a total of 300W.