Itaudio Easy

Find out how ItAudio works

Minimal speaker solutions

This is a line of products dedicated to minimal and non-invasive solutions. The devices are completely hidden inside the furniture, upholstery, mirrors, walls, doors, or outdoor structures using both contact and traditional speakers. Technical and application solutions deemed unthinkable to date become immediately usable.

Integrated and invisible audio devices

With ItAudio Easy a new approach to audio design in environments is possible, oriented to acoustic comfort and the daily use of your mobile devices. With ItAudio Easy solutions, the designer can dare and think about new application horizons; with us, they find fertile ground in which to cultivate their ideas. Audio systems from 20 to 60 Watt RMS, Bluetooth input A2DP CD definition. Find out how ItAudio works: watch the video.


Our systems can be integrated into the padding while providing the sound quality of conventional systems. They are also available with a rechargeable battery (power bank) and can be inserted into a table, a sofa, or wherever you want.

Find out how ItAudio works

App-controlled audio systems for smartphones

ItAudio systems can also be controlled via the app, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.