Sensors are everywhere around us: they change our gestures and our relationship with the world. The real magic, in Check up,’s opinion, is to exploit the benefits without suffering their invasiveness.

The immersive potential of sensors

They allow the collection of data while making objects capable of “understanding”. They allow us to fully immerse ourselves in technology. They enable new features and services that were previously unimaginable. The world of sensors is a vast and complex world, which makes a myriad of functions possible. They have already changed our lives, and will continue to do so; they are functional drivers, but also means to protect our safety (think of the ABS for cars, or the operation of an airbag). For us, it’s about leveraging what can be a competitive advantage. The soul of things, in this circumstance, is the possibility for objects to evolve and become more functional. More suited to people.

We take advantage of these technologies in different contexts, to allow the individual needs of the customer to be met. We develop:

  • Environmental sensors, (air quality, temperature, humidity, and fine dust)
  • Gas, chemical, pressure, and flow sensors
  • Mechanical sensors (Mems) and vibration
  • Microphone, optical, capacitive, piezoelectric, infrared, light, proximity, radar, and time of flight sensors
  • NFC sensors for product tracking and authentication

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