Comfort and hygiene to improve the hotel guests user experience.

Industry 4.0, big data, Internet of things, clouds, blockchains are going beyond the industrial sector and are contaminating all sectors, including tourism and the hotel industry. Every sector of the economy can and must be contaminated by the epochal revolution that is also changing business models.

Technology in the hospitality sector is aimed at improving the guest user experience and comfort of the hotel rooms. Potential customers are looking for and choose hotels that offer more connected services and in general comfort generated by the integration of electronics in the furnishing of the rooms themselves In a few years, many of the guests will be digital natives and therefore even more attracted by technology.

Check Up is the ideal partner to study and produce 4.0 solutions for the hotel sector with ready-made products and tailor-made projects:

  • Air purification and refreshingwith AirCub inside cabinetsand closed compartments are essential to guarantee hygiene and cleanliness between one guest and another: AirCub sucks the air inside the device and treats it with negative ions and ozone, essential for the elimination of germs and bacteria, guaranteeing felling up to 99%. Moreover, thanks to a plaster capsule soaked in essential oils it is possible to fresh the compartment naturally.
  • Light and sound control: with ItAudioit is possible to integrate audio systems into furniture or transform them directly (even mirrors) into sound diffusion systems, managed through a dedicated app for IOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Control of room services through voice and gestures, such as lighting and dimming of lights, music management … and everything that can be controlled.
  • Recharge of tablets, smartphones or other electronic devices through fast, minimal and refined charging devices, such as ItAcces, which integrate perfectly into a piece of furniture, sofa or desk, without any aesthetic flaw.

Check up is able to revolutionize not only hotel rooms, but also the wellness area, with tailor-made integrated electronics such as emotional showers or whirlpools with simple user interface and the possibility of connectinginternet services

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