The connected and people-oriented kitchen according to Check Up

The aim of Check Up is to improve the rooms and the well-being of the people who live them, through integrated technology. One of these environments is certainly the kitchen, where functionality and comfort are highly desired.
Check Up is able to insert new features able to improve the user experience into the furniture, including voice controlgesture recognition or functions managed by apps installed on smartphones and tablets.
The technology helps to manage many daily actions, simplifying some operations:
For example a person, who is cooking a cake, has dirty hands,  and is unable to access the waste compartment, to manage the functionality of the hood, or simply to turn on a light without getting dirty all these things: the gesture or voice control of some devices can significantly improve the functionality of this environment, helping to make some actions easier.

Another example is to make able the control of other distant devices throughout to voice commands, such as turning on the music or dimming a light, simple actions, which can, however, make the user experience more comfortable.

These controls appear even more clearly indispensable if we think of people with disabilities of any kind who need to live in protected environments.

Technology is also where it is not seen: air purification is one of these cases. Check Up produces different systems to purify the air from VOCs, allergens, bacteria, and bad smells, only in a compartment and in the whole room.
Aircub is a patented device that purifies the air of closed compartments by of an ionization and ozonation process: in the kitchen, its task is, for example, to keep the air in the waste compartment clean and sanitized, helping to prevent bacteria and bad odors.
ItAir is a system that uses the filtering power of plants and in particular of the root system, to purifying the air without opening the windows. It also keeps monitored the real presence of pollutants in the air you are breathing; Both of these solutions are managed through a dedicated app, both for Ios and Android systems.

Check Up designs and builds integrated electronic systems, also customized, which allow both to improve the user experience of the objects and to implement new features that were unthinkable before this innovation: thanks to the use and analysis of the data coming from, these applications can be used to design new complimentary services.

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